Who Are We?

How it all started

Chingford United Football Club was re-established in 2017 as a 5/7-a-side team. Shortly after completing the first season in the 5-a-side league, the founders of the team, Mihai-Alexandru Radoi, Bogdan Aenasoaie, Dragos Aenasoaie, Luigi Aenasoaie, Cosmin Tulbure, Alin Plesca, Ionut Ciobanu and Cristian Vascaru decided to go a step up and start an eleven-a-side team based in Chingford, London


At the end of our first season, we managed to accomplish our main goal of not relegating, and we have also gained many new players since the start.

A Bit Of Our History

Chingford United FC was initially founded in 1948, as Chingford Town FC. The team continued as Chingford Town until the 1960s when the club decided to change the name to Chingford Football Club. In 1997, Chingford Football Club once again changed their name, and decided on Chingford United Football Club. The club played one season under this name, and the change back to Chingford Town occurred. The team shortly folded and in 2017, it was re-established as FC RED DOGS. The tradition of name changes was inevitable and in less than a year, the team was once again known as Chingford United.

A coincidence or not, the clubs main sponsors in 1963, and the current sponsors are both situated on Cherrydown Avenue, side-by-side. This brings great emotion and truly motivates the players and everyone involved in the club to do well and represent our local area, Chingford.